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Rev. Karlton D. Turner

Senior Pastor

Rev. Karlton D. Turner is a young charismatic Pastor of Progressive Temple of Faith Church in Anderson, IN. His vision is to serve the lost, the poor and the brokenhearted, to bring hope to the hopeless and love to the unloved. He seeks to unify the body of Christ in the common goal of winning souls for the Lord. Rev. Turner was elevated to the pastorate in 2019 by the church's founder Rev. Roosevelt Boyd. He is only the second pastor in the church's 36 year history.


Lady Kayra D. Turner

First Lady

Lady Kayra D. Turner. affectionately known as Lady Kay, is the daughter of Rev. Roosevelt and Mother Janie Boyd. She and Pastor Turner were united in marriage in October of 2000. Lady Kay has served in the church's music department as Choir Director since the church began 36 years ago. She has helped to mentor many of the young ladies that have grown up in the church and in the community. Lady Kay has been groomed for the office of First Lady by one of Anderson's finest, Mama Janie.  

kevin menifield.jpg

Rev. Kevin Menifield

 Director of Vacation Bible School


Evan. Loretta Simmons

Prayer Band President


Evan. Shonnie Brooks

Pastoral Care President


Evan. Edwina Smith

Missions President



Rosalind Goree

Sunday School Superintendent

Cynthia P Watson

Financial Director

Natalie Maxwell

Assistant to the Pastor

Natalie Weathersbee

Administrative Assistant

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